I personally believe that a good quality astrological analysis is a valuable tool in helping to understand the conscious and unconscious behaviour of a given person.  In astrology, we interpret a chart using the symbolic nature of the planets and other astronomical features built into the date, time and place of birth.  How could astrology work?

Well while no-one knows for sure, I find it useful to liken a natal chart to a mandala.  A mandala is a circle that contains a symmetrical pattern based on number. Contained with this pattern, is embedded a number of symbols which are thought to have significance for processes working in both the conscious and unconscious mind.  The great Swiss psychologist CG Jung though that a mandala was a representation of the central goal or the whole of the psyche.

Astrology has undergone a great revival over the last hundred years or so.  This revival has been due in part by the development of a variety of new astrological theories and techniques, based on a greater (or perhaps different!) understanding that modern man has both of our world and ourselves as participants in it.  John Addey has put forward the theory that all of astrology can be thought of in terms of number and cycles; ideas begun by Johannes Kepler (and others).  In other words, it is possible to construct a picture of who we are, by using the astrological symbolism inherent in our personal birth ‘mandala’.

While we can often be aware of our conscious needs and drives, it is more challenging to relate to and understand the deeper unconscious sides of ourselves.  An analysis of our birth chart gives us a chance to identify, reflect on and consider these lesser-known parts of ourselves, allowing us to address the consistencies and contradictions within the context of the whole.  Some might perhaps say that the very fact that we have discrepancies and paradoxes is an argument against the validity of astrology.  However, one could also say that to carry these paradoxes, is an important part of what makes us human!

This is the approach I like to take in my astrological work.  We would look at your chart through the planetary positions and number symbolism as delineated in your astrological chart. And rather than specific recommendations, identify ways that you may find useful in developing your potential in a wholistic, life-affirming manner, on your own terms.